What makes us different?

We are not only professional CAA approved drone operators but are professional landscape photographers with a keen eye for composition & light, we have spent 10 years in this industry and guided clients around Iceland in all weather chasing the best light, whilst building on our own portfolio of work. We have incorporated this into our unique proposition and guarantee to deliver you something different.  Get in touch using the contact page for more information!

What are our qualifications?

Cutting through the jargon that you may come across, essentially we were trained by an NQE (National Qualified Entity) Drone Uplift Training, who are regulated by the CAA Civil Aviation Authority We have obtained the PFCO (permission for commercial operations) and are approved by the CAA for commercial drone operations.  This allows us to obtain fully comprehensive insurance provided that we abide by the rules and regulations set out on the ANO & CAP722 guidelines (see flight restrictions for more details).  We are happy to share our operations manual and safety records with any client in advance of us commencing work.

Do we have insurance?

We are fully insured and have £5 million public liability cover, but we can increase this to £10 million on a case by case situation. *Note: Only certified PFCO drone pilots can actually get liability insurance to carry out commercial work using drones.  We always provide evidence of cover prior to commencement of services along with our operator’s licence as issued by the CAA.

What are the flight restrictions?

Our CAA PFCO allows us to fly up to 400 feet and 500 metres away in line of sight from where we’re operating. Depending on the aircraft we’re operating we can fly as close as 50m to people, buildings, roads etc that are outside our control, and under our control we can fly as close as we feel safe to do. We are governed by CAA rules and regulations.  These distances are more than enough to capture any desired shot. *overseas Locations will differ.

How long can we fly for?

This depends on which aircraft and what payload is being lifted. We can be airborne from anywhere between 8 to 25 minutes, although the desired shots are generally captured within the first 5 minutes of a flight. *NOTE: It is necessary to have time in between each flight to check equipment and let the drone pilot rest.

Flight times will however depend on the payload, conditions and speed, so they will vary. We carry enough batteries and charging equipment to allow us to go all day without running out of power. It takes a few minutes to change flight packs between flights and we ask you to allow time for us to keep on top of our battery system and post flight checks to keep everything running smoothly.

What weather conditions can we fly in?

Our drones have been designed to cope with a small amount of damp in the air but as a general rule conditions need to be settled with no rain forecast. We can fly in winds up to 25mph, less in a congested area, but for optimum results we look for 15mph and below. We use wind meters on location to determine whether it’s safe to fly. In the lead up to your project we always assess regularly the weather forecasts and we will confirm whether the conditions are good to go or not.  See our T&C’s for further information.

Can we fly in towns and cities?

Yes, we can fly in towns and cities (congested areas).  We will however need to apply for an OSC licence permission allowing us to operate drones at significantly reduced distances to crowds, roads and buildings. This can take some time to organise so we need more notice than usual. However, there may be other factors to be taken into consideration depending on the exact location.

Can we fly outside the UK?

Yes, we can. Our filming kit travels easily in our pelican flight cases and we have operated in UK, Borneo, Maldives, Iceland, Turkey, Italy & France. Most countries have their own set of drone regulations and we are usually able to attain local permission ourselves or through the production we are working with.

Depending on the proposed shoot location, we may need to seek official permission to fly. In some countries for example, flying for commercial use requires official authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority of the visiting country.  To obtain this, paperwork needs to be submitted at least 14 days in advance explaining what we are planning to film, and for how long. AHP has a good track record of winning approvals to operate, as we work closely with the local Civil Aviation Department, have comprehensive third-party liability insurance, certified pilots, and a fully professional operation manual.

Are you able to fly indoors?

Yes. Our aircrafts provide stable indoor flight provided that the area is considered large enough to do so safely. Extra safety measures do need to be taken though.

Do we need a technical visit before starting work?

We generally recommend a technical visit beforehand so we can guarantee flight. We look for safe areas for take-off and landing, sight lines, obstacles, type of ground surface for low flying, frequency interference, vehicle access so that we can keep batteries on charge etc. In most cases we can gain enough information from photographs, google earth and conversations with the production team.

What aircraft & camera equipment do you use?

The Inspire 2’s we use carry the DJI X5s & X7, both are industry leading drone cameras, capable of filming up to 6K CinemaDNG & 5.2K Apple ProRes which is comparable to the Arri Alexa. We have a full range of lenses to suit your cinematic requirements.

We also provide ground based ops, using Nikon D850, Sony A7iii’s, full range on lenses & gimbal equipment.

Why am I paying for a pilot & camera operator?

Essentially you are paying for high quality aerial & ground-based photography, using the latest technology available on the market.  We have a background in professional photography spanning 10 years and collectively have a passion for ensuring you receive the best content available in the given conditions.  Depending on the requirements of the job will determine if a pilot & cameraman is required, or if one person can complete the job safely.   We prefer to work in a Dual-ops setup as this ensures we capture the best content at all times.

Are you able to provide post production and film editing?

Yes. We can also provide you with the complete package from creating a storyboard, filming, editing and post-production. We have years of experience working with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere Pro.  Please contact us for a copy of our rate card and a free quote.

Pricing and booking

We do our best to be competitive for the high level of equipment and experience we offer. Call or email us for a copy of our rate card and feel free to talk to us about the budget you’re working with.

We will give you a temporary booking on the dates you provide until you’re ready to confirm. We will need details of your location so we can check whether there are any airspace restrictions – you can do this by sending us a post code and google link and we will do the rest. To confirm we ask for a deposit and acceptance of our standard T&Cs, which will be provided with the quote.

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